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Premium   “Dillo Juice”. Is some of the finest E-Liquid available and is available EXCLUSIVELY at Armadillo E-Cigs. Our Dillo Juice is made using the highest quality ingredients and natural flavorings blended with the finest nicotine providing proprietary blends that are not be found anywhere but Armadillo E-Cigs. Our initial offerings are based on what we consider to be the very best flavors. Our selections will change to match the demand and tastes of our customers.


*Starting on Monday 8/8/2016 we will be required by the FDA to charge a small fee for tasting. $1.00 for 1-5 flavors.*


Dillo Juice Flavors

0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


Buy 3 get one Free!

Premium Quality Artisan Blends

Contains all natural and organic flavorings.

11ml Bottle

Tobacco Flavors

Caballero Rojo (Red Cowboy)*

Lone Star Tobacco*

Mr. Red*

MR. White*

Longhorn Leaf


Menthol Blast*

Frosty Menthol

Fruit Flavors

Orange Armadillo

Melon Ball*

Fruit Strip

Pomegranate Shisha

Cherry Bomb*

Purple Passion*

Fuzzy Fruit

Peachy Keen*

Nana Berry

Jolly Apples*

Berry Blue*

Drink Flavors

Espresso Shot

Pina Colada

Raspberry Limeade

Chai Latte

Buttered Rum*

Dessert Flavors

Vanilla Bean*

Mint Chocolate

Poppin’ Corn

Candy Cane*

Chocolate Royal

Strawberry Shortcake

Cinnamon Stick



*Select Flavors – Available in 70% VG in 60ml Bottles at 3,6, and 12 MG Nicotine for $35.99 coming SOON!*


Possum Trot MAX VG 30ml Glass Dropper Bottles -$23.95



Suicide Bunny 30ml Glass Dropper Bottles $23.99


 Original Bunny – – – Derailed – – – – Mother’s Milk


Ruthless Sweet and Fruity Blends in 30ml Bottles for $21.99

0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg

Working Ruth