Well, we will be one week old after today.

I must say, it has been an exciting first week. We’ve served existing Vapers and converted several smokers.

We will be adding new products in response to the feedback we get from our customers as we learn about the particular tastes of the community.

Our “Dillo Juice” line of premium E-Liquids has met with high praise and we have nearly sold out of some flavors already. Not to worry – We do still have plenty of  “Dillo Juice” on hand and fresh stock is on the way. We will also be getting in more variations in Nicotine Strengths. Tried to keep our selection tight for opening to maintain optimum freshness until we learn better what is most popular with the local community. These premium blends are made to order for us as the exclusive Texas supplier, and will always be as FRESH as possible.

We now carry replacement coils for Kanger Tanks as requested by a few of our customers. We may carry the tanks as well in the future – Still reviewing those for quality issues. We will not carry any products we are not personally satisfied with. We still think the tanks we carry outperform the Kanger tanks – But for those of you who already own a Kanger Tank, you no longer have to drive far to get replacement coils. Check back often as we will always be doing our best to adjust our product line to meet your needs.